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Toothpick your new favorite backup tool! – Your Tuesday Tip from Express Handyman!

Carrying toothpicks around in your carpentry kit can help get you out of a pinch if you strip a screw in wood. Just insert a toothpick in the hole and drive the screw in. The toothpick will just break off. You can add more toothpicks if necessary, just dip them in some wood glue first […]

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Keep it Rolling On! – Your Tuesday Tip from Express Handyman

This one comes from one of our designers Donna Alley. She loves smaller paint rollers that have a curved edge for several reasons…1-you can paint corners with ease. 2-they don’t use waste as much paint as a thick roller head. 3-they are a lot lighter. Try the Purdy White Dove Jumbo Mini Roller.

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Stop the bleeding!-Your Tuesday Tip from Express Handyman!

Ever used painters’ tape and your paint has bleed under the tape? After you apply the tape use the original color (in this example white) to paint the edge where the design (blue paint) is going to be painted. Then paint the new color as normal. The white will seep under the tape and help […]

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Dusty Fan, Use a Pillowcase?-Your Tuesday Tip from Express Handyman!

Clean the blades of your ceiling fan by using an old pillowcase. Simply open the pillowcase and insert the fan blade. The wipe the top (all the dust will collect within the pillowcase). Then apply furniture polish to the top and lightly buff to help repel dust.

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