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Fix that Scratch- Your Tuesday Tip from Express Handyman

Have a wood table or floor that is scratched? Use a walnut to help buff out light scratches. Rub the walnut several times over the area then rub your finger over the scratch-the heat from your hand will help the oils absorb into the scratch. Buff the area with a soft dry cloth and there […]

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Stripped screw?- Your Tuesday Tip from Express Handyman!

Have a stripped screw? Use a rubber band to get it out! Just place the rubber band over the head of the screwdriver and press it into the stripped screw to remove. Bonus tip-to prevent stripping a screw make sure to use the correct size drill bit, drill pilot holes, press down firmly and drill […]

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How much is a dollar worth?- Your Tuesday Tip from Express Handyman!

Out shopping and don’t have a tape measure? A dollar bill is 6.14” wide by 2.61” tall (but just think of it as 6” by 2.5”). This way you always have a reference in your wallet for a rough measurement. We wouldn’t recommend framing with this technique!

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A magnetic tip, Tip! Your Tuesday Tip from Express Handyman!

Needing a magnetized screwdriver bit? You can drag a magnet one way on the metal tip to make it magnetized or you can attach a small magnet on the shaft of the screwdriver. Rare earth magnets work the best as they are very strong. The magnetic will travel through to the tip and voila!

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Never forget that color!- Your Tuesday Tip from Express Handyman!

Your Tuesday Tip from Express Handyman! Paint the back of your wall switch plate your wall color. Write the color, brand and finish on it so if in the future you lose the information you can find it. This also allows you to take it out shopping to color match if needed.

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Wire like a Pro- Your Tuesday Tip from Express Handyman!

Our in house Electricians recommend wrapping a wire around a screw of a light switch or outlet to twist the wires clockwise so that when you are tightening, they won’t come undone. The wire will tighten into the direction of the screws as you tighten them making for a good connection. When using wirenuts, always […]

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