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LED Bulb Colors – Your Tuesday Tip from Express Handyman!

Confused about LED bulbs? The Kelvin color-2700K or 3000K works best for residential use. 2700K is a warmer tone (close to incandescent) and is great for a warmer color palette in your home’s decor. 3000K is more of a white light and pairs well with grays, whites, and cooler colors. 5000K also known as Daylight […]

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Sarah Whitney to Take the Lead of Remodeling Contractors Handyman Division

Remodeling Contractors, a Des Moines area leader in kitchen and bath remodeling, is adding Handyman service into the line up and has hired Sarah Whitney as the Coordinator of the division. Sarah comes to Remodeling Contractors with over 18 years of designing custom solutions for clients. The Handyman Coordinator will be responsible for everything from […]

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