LED Bulb Colors – Your Tuesday Tip from Express Handyman!

Confused about LED bulbs? The Kelvin color-2700K or 3000K works best for residential use. 2700K is a warmer tone (close to incandescent) and is great for a warmer color palette in your home’s decor. 3000K is more of a white light and pairs well with grays, whites, and cooler colors. 5000K also known as Daylight is better suited for commercial applications. Most of our lighting installed is 3000K as it looks the most similar to interior lighting colors that we traditionally see and is the most readily available in both bulbs and strip style lighting. We have been know to use  4000K lights in our more modern projects that want to see a whiter white. For more information just email our ALA Lighting Specialist and Handyman Coordinator Sarah Whitney for more information at Sarah@RemodelingDesMoines.com

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